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According to the e-transformation  initiative, the project aims to facilitate and streamline the current procedures for registering companies and issuing commercial licenses. It is expected that all government entities wishing to have easy access to the National Business Register will complete their process of joining the system immediately after completing the electronic transformation process.

Our main partners

The Invest Easy portal represents whole integrated project with a number of government entities involved in the execution of all governmental transactions related to the Commercial Registration of economic activities in the Sultanate. These are eight government entities that are connected to the Invest Easy system, namely; Muscat Municipality, Ministry of Manpower, Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs, Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Resources. Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Royal Oman Police, Information Technology Authority, Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Our Stakeholders

All investors from the public and private sectors who benefit from the electronic services provided by Invest Easy Portal, including investors and anyone affected by the business and services of Invest Easy Portal, as well as the local community.
Currently, there are 25 government entities that are connected to the Invest system easily, in addition to several other parties that intend to join them in the near future. The list of current participants includes:
Central Bank of Oman, Ministry of Transport and Communications, Ministry of Housing, Information Technology Authority, Ministry of Social Development, Muscat Municipality, TRA, Ministry of Health Portal, Royal Oman Police, General Administration of Customs, General Authority for Consumer Protection, Tender Board, General Organization for the Development of Small and Medium Enterprises, General Secretariat of Taxation, Muscat Securities Market, Royal Oman Police, Financial Investigation Unit, Royal Oman Police. Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs, Special Economic Zone Authority of Duqm, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Public Establishment for Industrial Estates, Public Authority for Craft Industries, The Manpower Registry Authority.