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Info-graphic explains what steps you should follow before starting practicing Manual Licensed Business Activities

What are the Manual Licensed Business Activities?

Manual Licensed Business Activities are those activities which are not yet integrated with the appropriate ministries. To receive additional information about licensing requirements of such activities, you need to contact the appropriate government entity.

These Business Activities cannot be practiced directly.


How can you License such Business Activities?

  1. Contact the appropriate government entity and collect information.
  2. Get the Pre-Approval manually from them and prepare it.
  3. Prepare your Rental Agreement (Municipality).
  4. Add Place of Activity (using My CR Places of Activities service, Online!) and attach the (Rental Agreement + manually prepared Pre-Approval).

What is the number of Manual Licensed Business Activities?

They are (469) Activities.


How can you see the list of those activities?

The attached PDF file contains list of Manual Licensed Business Activities. They can be seen from here.