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Wed, 18/1/2017  

          In the framework of cooperation between the ministry and some of government bodies, the Ministry announces, the institutions and companies registered in "mental skills" activity and classified under No. (809 007) in national classification of economic activities shall cancel the name of the above mentioned activity and replace it with one of the following activities:

1) Nurseries No. (853 201).

2) Kindergarten No. (801 001).

3) Training Services No. (809 006).

4) Quran Schools No. (809 004).

5) Vocational Training Centers No. (809 003).

6) Administrative Training Institutes "Human Resources Development" No. (809 008).

7) Languages and Computer Institutes No. (809 002).

8) Specialized Rehabilitation Centers No. (851,901).

9) Infirmary No. (853 102).

The ministry requests from all institutions and companies to adjust their situations and activities to comply with the above mentioned activities during a period of one year from the publication date of this announcement. At the beginning, companies and institutions shall register these activities in competent authorities, and then provide the ministry with an evidence of registration in the authorities before the re-registration of activity in the ministry.

Your commitment is requested for the public interest