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Sun, 12/2/2017

The Number of Submitted Commercial Agencies Amounted 2974 Last Year

Ministry of Commerce and Industry representative by Commercial Agencies & Professional & Oil Licenses Department pointed out, the number of commercial agencies that have been submitted in 2016 in the Department of Commercial Agencies, Sanad Offices and Invest Easy Portal; which started to provide commercial agencies in July 2016, amounted (2974) transactions......

Sun, 5/2/2017

More than 14,000 transactions registered via Invest Easy Portal

The number of commercial and industrial transactions electronically registered through Invest Easy portal in the Governorate of Dhofar stood 14,653 during 2016, according to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.....

Sun, 29/1/2017

Registering more than 19.4 thousand e- transaction via Invest Easy Portal during the past year

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry has clarified that the number of commercial transactions registered through “Invest Easy” portal since the beginning of January till the end of December 2016 reached (193861), with an estimated raise of 448.6 %, in compare with the same period during 2015 where the number reached (35340) electronic transaction......

Sun, 22/1/2017

MoCI working with different Ministries for integration with Invest Easy Portal.

The One-Stop Shop Business &Technology Transformation Project “Invest Easy” at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI) is continuing its efforts to integrate it with different public organizations......