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Wed, 4/1/2017

Peddlers can register through Invest Easy portal

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry announced the commencement of registering Peddlers profession through the Invest Easy portal starting from January 1st. Khamis bin Abdullah al Farsi, Director-General of Commerce, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Chairman of Peddlers s works regulating committee said that the Peddlers  service is available through the Invest Easy portal, adding that those who wish to obtain a licence to practice the Peddlers  activities, set by regulation, can access the portal (www.investeasy.gov.om), then access electronic services, create a new commercial registration, then the legal type of the CR (Peddlers ). He said that owners of these projects can visit the Public Authority for Small and Medium Enterprises (Riyada) for specifications of the vehicles that can be used for these activities. If the citizen wishes obtain a financial support, he should visit Al Rafd Fund. He added that the applicant must be Omani and work full time on the project, the licence is issued for a period of one year and may be renewed for similar periods with the same procedures and conditions, and the renewal application should be submitted within 30 days before the licence expires. The list included 14 different activities that a Peddlers  can practice, namely selling of fresh fruits, vegetables and dates, silverware and gifts, perfumes and cosmetics, toilet soap and incense, as well as textiles and fabrics of all kinds, pottery and handicrafts, honey, soft drinks and beverages, corn, car repair, denting and painting, sale of gas, besides installation, extension and repair of electrical and alarm systems, photocopy and typing of documents, as well as organising tours, meat grilling “Mashakeek”.

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