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Wed, 25/4/2018

Reducing paperwork and adding more than 400 businesses without the need for approvals

Invest-Easy is an integrative government approach between bodies associated with the business environment

Invest-Easy is participating in COMEX 2018 by offering 79 e-services to local and foreign investors through various channels of service, as well as reviewing the work progress at Invest-Easy and the accomplishments achieved through it.


Invest-Easy is considered to be one of the most important government programs in the field of electronic transformation, which includes the technical side, the side related to simplification and reengineering procedures in Oman, and the use of international best practices and standards for developing the business environment. The idea of the project is based on the Government's national transformation plan and the integrated government approach between business-related bodies. It is a joint effort for many government bodies to provide the business environment with an integrated electronic system that ensures the use of high quality services through the Internet and the completion of official procedures for all government bodies in the Sultanate electronically and reduce the need to review various government institutions in separate visits.

It aims to provide the business community with a single window to interact with the government, reduce paperwork, save money, effort and time, electronically complete business registration procedures and authorize activities electronically as well. Invest Easy also has a reliable and secure environment for business transactions and it provides efficient electronic services 24/7.

After the implementation of the Invest-Easy portal, business transactions became electronic and are achieved faster than before, and currently there is integration in procedures between different government bodies. Invest-Easy lead the Sultanate to be 127 positions ahead in the World Bank's simple Business Report, ranking first in the Arab world and 31 in the Business Start Index in the 2017 report. This improvement was largely due to the changes and facilitation of the Invest-Easy portal. The investor can get the commercial register within a short period of time and at any time without the need to review the register by any government body and without a minimum capital.

The self-services provided by Invest-Easy portal are easily divided into 5 groups. The first group consists of a number of services that include "start-up" services, such as the availability of commercial name and brand, creating a new business register and the licensing simulator that enables the investor to know details of the licensing procedures for any activity s/he wishes to practice, where s/he is presented with a complete conception of the license, such as time taken, fees, approvals and other requirements before starting the business. The second group includes the “Business Administration” services, which help the beneficiaries to view all the statements of the commercial register and submit the applications, such as updating the commercial register data, renewing of the Commercial Register, viewing the man power data, following applications, presenting the Register’s licenses to the Government, Viewing the registry's obligations to the government, viewing licenses for activities, applying for licenses, applying for commercial agencies, submitting certificates of origin applications, viewing and submitting annual financial reports, and other services. This group also has authorizing service for the Commercial Register, which enables the investor to authorize an electronic delegate to perform or follow up his/her business through the portal. The level and validities of the authorized delegate can be determined electronically as well.

The third group contains “business information” which helps investors access the various information about the companies that deal with them, Such as a service to search the commercial records to ascertain the existence of the institution or company, and commercial register obligations service (companies) towards government bodies such as violations and financial obligations by the institution or company. The fourth group includes "closing business" services such as the company liquidation service and the Commercial Register cancellation service. The fifth group contains "supplementary services" that currently helps the beneficiary to access the work environment services which is available in various bodies, such as recruiting foreign labor permit application.

One of the most important achievements of the Invest-Easy portal is to easily separate the commercial registration process from the licensing process in order to facilitate commercial register registration without having to wait for any prior approvals. The investor can add more than 400 commercial activities without getting approvals from other government bodies. In the process of licensing commercial activities, the portal worked to simplify and clarify the procedures and worked on many aspects between various government bodies, such as standardization of terms used in government like licenses, permits, etc., and symbols of commercial activities so that all government bodies use the same code for each commercial activity.

The Invest Easy Portal is the first in the Sultanate to implement fully featured electronic authentication technology (PKI), which is a global approach helps to log on to the portal using the ID to perform all e-services provided by the government. It is one of the key initiatives to achieve e-Government goals, contributing to increasing the level of security and credibility in electronic transactions, preventing of forgery, and is used to sign all transactions electronically without the need for the presence of the beneficiary. The electronic authentication feature can be activated in the ID card and the mobile SIM card.

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