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Sun, 17/4/2016

The "Invest Easy" Program received international recognition

According to a report issued by the UNCTAD Organization, the "Invest Easy" Project, launched by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MOCI), received full marks and was given first place, along with other similar projects from New Zealand, Denmark, Estonia, and Switzerland,. This classification was based on different factors including the easiness of providing electronic services through an online portal, and its link to various authorities.

The project has won this recognition thanks to the excellent electronic services it provides for investors, businessmen, as well as the small and medium enterprises through an online portal using distinguished best practices and ways for electronically registering the business activities. Additionally, this project aims to simplify and ease all the procedures. It seeks to make investments and doing business in the Sultanate easier, more transparent and of a higher quality.

Both this and other recently received awards related to the e-governmental services reflect the progress made by the Information Technology and Telecommunications Sector in the Sultanate. This also reflects the improvements made in the customer service field, and the advances in services provided by governmental authorities to serve the citizens.

The project has contributed into eliminating the phenomenon of multiple commercial registration certificates. It has also simplified the commercial registration process. The project has previously also received the Best Governmental Service in Business Sector at the GCC Awards 2015, as well as the Best Governmental Project Prize as part of Al-Roya Economic Award 2016.

It is worth noting that the "Invest Easy" Project has recorded the fastest issuance of an electronic registration certificate through the electronic portal within one minute and 50 seconds by an investor who was present at his office. The fastest transaction made by the MOCI employees was concluded with one minute and 40 seconds.

2389 transactions were completed last March by the front offices at the MOCI, Sanad Offices, Law Firms and Audit Offices; while 840 electronic transactions were completed through the "Invest Easy" Portal.

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