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You can now register a company online using the New Commercial Registration service. To use the service, all of the investors need a PKI enabled eID card. Many business activities can be started without the need for licensing. All you need to do is fill the necessary fields, authorize the application and pay the fees.

Registering a company can also be done in the MoCI front desk office or one of the available service centers (SANAD offices).

You can check your application status in Invest Easy mobile app or in web portal. Click here to use the service in web portal. You need to provide the application reference number and the submission date or applicant ID number.

In October the Reserve Commercial Name as standalone service will be discontinued. You are able to select the name while starting a New Commercial Registration, as the name reservation service is already part of the registration service. The existing name reservations will not be discarded and they will be available for upgrading to Commercial Registration for the period of the existing reservation service, which is one month.

You are responsible for choosing a name that complies with the regulations set for commercial names in the National Business Registry. The regulations are available here.

You can check the availability of a company name in the Invest Easy web portal or in mobile application. Click here to use the service in portal.

You can register any of the following types of business entities in Commercial Registry:

  • Individual Firm / Merchant
  • House Trade Business
  • Joint Partnership
  • Limited Partnership
  • Limited Liability Company
  • Public Joint Stock Company
  • Closed Joint Stock Company
  • Foreign Company Branch
  • Commercial Representative Office

House Trade Business (HTB) is small business entity intended for Omani individuals only. No foreigner can establish it. There is also limitation that persons who are investors in other companies may not establish HTB.

To register HTB required documents are:

  • ID of investor
  • ownership certificate (for place of business)
  • non-objection letter from owner of business location

To view detailed list of License-free activities for Commercial Registry please .


click here.

No. You can only register a company online when all investors can apply a digital signature. Registering a company with involvement of underage investors can only be done at the front office.

When using the New Commercial Registration service, a company can have a maximum of 5 investors.

Yes, they are. The CR certificate that is printed from PDF is just as valid as the one given at the counter. You do not need to visit the front office to receive a valid CR certificate, you can request it digitally and print it.

Yes, they will. The CR certificate that is printed from PDF is just as valid as the one given at the counter. You do not need to visit the front office to receive a valid CR certificate, you can request it digitally and print it.

If you have reserved a commercial name, you have two options. You can register it as a Trademark following the trademark procedures. You can also start a new Commercial Registration. Please be aware, that you can use the reserved name as long as it is not expired and register only one Individual Firm per person. If you want to register several CR, they would have to be of a different business type. 

Yes you can. All newly registered businesses have only one company name. Branches have to use the same company name. You cannot open a branch that has a different name than the parent company.  You can open branches and these will be marked as Places of Activity (like branches) on the CR certificate. Also you cannot sell branches with licenses, you can only sell the whole company or sell the assets and remove place of activity. License has to be applied from the government (license issuer). You can sell company assets, but you cannot sell personnel - you can transfer the personnel in Ministry of Manpower. These changes were implemented in the 18th of October, to simplify the rules of business and to reduce practices of hidden trade.


You can now update your company information online, using the Update Commercial Registration service (found under Manage Business). You can change contact information, capital size, add any field of activity to your CR and do several other updates, depending on the business type. Several updates will be processed automatically (including Head Office contacts and address, business activities, auditors and company name in case of standard article of association).
Please be careful to provide correct information, as the fees will be charged before submitting the change application. If incorrect data has been submitted, the change application may receive a negative decision and would have to be redone on your expense.


You can sell your company assets (furniture, equipment, or other objects) or company shares (split part of your company). You can not sell a branch registration/activity in Business Register. In case you need to sell one Place of Activity of your company, you should remove the place from Business register and the new owner will add it to business register. A license issued to the Place of Activity of the company can not be sold to another company. A new owner of the Place of Activity should apply for new license if needed. In case of ownership exchange (or split), the Attestation Office makes the decisions and inserts the change to the register.

You can add other business activities to your CR. However if the business activity requires licensing, that must be applied separately. As long as the license has not been approved, the activity license will be marked as “License Pending”. There are 69 business activities that do not need licensing. The list can be found here.

All the changes made to Company Registration data will be publicly available. If the change application is approved, the updated information will be available to the public.

If you wish to quit doing business with your company, you can liquidate and cancel it. These services can be found under Close Business. To close a business, first it must be liquidated. To start the liquidation process you need to fill the application by assigning a liquidator, uploading a memo for the Public Announcements and the decision of investors and finally paying the fees for the application. The liquidation will be published in the Public Announcements and there will be a six months waiting period, for gathering and settling the debts, before the process can be completed. After the liquidation has been completed you can apply for cancelling your CR.

You can not liquidate House Trade Business, Individual Firm / Merchant, Commercial Representation Office or Foreign Company Branch. These business types are closed without liquidation.

You can add investors to your company using the Update Commercial Registration service (found under Manage Business). Please be advised that adding investors requires to increase Business Capital. You will need a digitally signed agreement from all other investors to add an investor and increase Capital. To add an Investor, start an update application, add the personal details of an investor (for ease of use, data from ROP can be used, when entering an ID number), upload the agreement, sign the documents (all current investors must sign), pay the fees and submit your application.

You can remove investors by transferring ownership of this investor shares to other investors and then decreasing the capital.

To transfer ownership, please visit the Contract Attestation Office of MoCI, which will attest the contract and register the change. And to decrease the capital, you can user Update Commercial Registration service.
To add investors by selling part of the shares belonging to other investors you must visit the nearest MoCI office and use the Contract Attestation Office services.


A signatory is a person who is officially authorized to sign the documents on behalf of your business entity. A signatory does not have to be an investor, but can be for example the manager of the company. 

You can add signatories by using the Update Commercial Registration service (found under Manage Business). To add a signatory you must start an update application, add the personal details of a signatory (for ease of use, data from ROP can be used, when entering an ID number), upload the agreement, sign the documents (all current investors must sign), pay the fees and submit your application.