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Invest Easy is an e-service portal for business community in Oman. It provides fast and easy e-services to help set up and manage companies in Oman.  Using the e-services helps minimize paperwork and save costs and time.

Invest Easy application provides quick and convenient access to e-services and information for business community in Oman. Please note that not all Invest Easy e-services are available in the mobile application. Some services are only available in the web portal.

Invest Easy mobile app is available for Andorid and iPhone. App can be found for Android in Play store
For iPhone in App Store 

You can also just search for “Invest Easy”.


Some of Invest Easy portal services you can use without log in. But, some of services require you to log in. It means that system must be able to make sure it is you and not somebody else.
There are two options to proof your identity while using electronic services of Invest Easy portal:

  1. Log in using your ID-card with ID card reader (preferable if you plan to use the e-services regularly) :
  • Your ID card should support PKI technology. You can get this ID Card from Royal Oman Police.
  • Your new ID card which supports PKI Technology should be activated by PKI. The activation process can be done at the same place where ID Card is issued. 
  • You have to have ID-Card reader.
  • For more information about ID Card activation location, please go to ID Card Activation Locations
  1. Log in using your smartphone with mobile-ID enabled SIM-card:


  • The SIM-Card in your smartphone must support PKI Technology. Ask your mobile provider for such SIM card.
  • Visit www.oman.om/tam to activate your SIM-Card with mobile PKI. Choose (Mobile PKI Activation) option and follow the steps.
  • Invest Easy system will ask the confirmation of your identity when it is needed, you have to enter mobile-PKI PIN code.

Yes. Investors from USA and GCC countries follow the same investment rules as Omanis. Rules for other foreign investments are different for each business entity. Please read the business entity descriptions for further information.