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You can find SMART ID-Card Readers in the market.

ID cards activation locations are based in the Royal Oman Police - The Directorate General of Civil Status in the different regions.

You have to go to ID cards activation locations which are based in the Royal Oman Police - The Directorate General of Civil Status in the different regions and reset your ID-Card PIN Code there.

This service is stopped at the current time and ITA stopped registering new users. This service is replaced with Personal Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology.


1.   The user (Only citizen and resident) has to have an ID card from the new generation. These ID cards are issued from (Royal Oman Police - The Directorate General of Civil Status) in the different regions. This ID card has 3 lines of code in the back side.

2.    The ID cards are activated by PKI in the same location of the card issuing.

3.    The user will create a PIN code (6 Digits only) in the process of activation (The user should not forget this PIN code and not give it to anyone).

4.    The user can login to Invest Easy portal using his ID card and the smart card reader. he will be asked to enter the PIN code to be authenticated.


1.     The user (Only citizen and resident) must have PKI enabled ID-Card (See ID-CARD PKI ACTIVATION)

2.     The user must replace his SIM card to one which supports PKI technology (Go to service Provider - Omantel | Ooreedoo).

3.     The user should access www.oman.om/tam/ website to activate his mobile PKI (the user will need a smart card reader for one time only).

4.     The user should choose the service "Mobile PKI Activation" then follow the instructions.

5.     The user will receive 6 messages asking him to create the mobile PKI PIN code. He has to put the same PIN code (6 Digits only) which was created for the ID card for 6 times till he notified that the operation finished successfully.

6.     The user can check if his mobile PKI is activated successfully by choosing the service "Mobile PKI Status" in the same website www.oman.om/tam/.

7.     The user log in to Invest Easy Portal by going to www.investeasy.gov.om >> Login >> Login with Mobile ID.