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You can remove “license pending” status for your activity after you apply for the license and obtain approval from corresponding entity. Please bring your license certificate to nearest Invest Easy office.

List of activities and corresponding entities can be found here

Invest Easy team is currently working on introducing e-services for managing license applications. “License pending” status will be removed automatically after obtaining electronic license.

You can request three types of digitally signed certificates ( Commercial Registration Certificate, To Whom It May Concern Certificate and Name Reservation Certificate ).

To see how you can request a certificate, please view this tutorial video. If you have any further problems using the service, please contact our call center ( 24817210 ).

You can search for company information using our Search Company Listings service. It enables you to check if a company is active, when it was registered and what type of company it is. Please view this clip to see how the service is used. If there are any problems or inconsistencies using the service, please contact our call center ( 24817210 ).

In some rare cases there might be problems using some of our services.If this should happen, please contact our call center ( 24817210 )  via INVESTEASYHELP@MOCI.GOV.OM

As each such case is usually of a unique nature, please also add the screenshot and problem description to the email so our support team can solve the issue in an effective manner.

The name reservation service now is included in the New Commercial Registration service. Eventually the name reservation will no longer be available as a separate service. We urge you to use the New Commercial Registration service instead of the name reservation service.

Please note that reserving a name does not authorize any business activity!

You can check the status of your application from here without login in. To use the service, please provide your application reference number and the submission date or the ID number of the applicant.. If you need help using the service, please view this clip.

Should it happen that your application is pending for too long, please contact our call center ( 24817210 ) so we can clarify the reasons and situation.