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A trade name consists of the name of the merchant or their title, or of an innovated name or both. The trade name must be clearly different from the already registered trade names. It may include details of the persons mentioned in it relating to the kind of trade it is dedicated to, and may also include a novel name. However, the trade name must reflect reality, must not be misleading or prejudice the public interest. On selecting trade names the following should be observed:

  1. The trade name shall be a meaningful Arabic name that conforms with public morals and traditions.
  2. The trade name must not have been registered before.

Trade names:

  1. may be repeated for commercial activities provided that the name is connected with the activity to be registered.
  2. including expressions such as global, international, transocean ,overseas….etc, shall be confined to companies whose capital is R.O.100,000/= and over.
  3. including the word (Oman/Omani) shall be confined to companies whose capital is R.O. 500,000/= and over.
  4. may take the form of foreign countries and famous rivers, towns and places therein if one of the partners in the company is a national of such countries.
  5. may take the form of Arab countries and famous rivers, towns and places therein whenever the existence of such names is established.
  6. may comprise names of eminent figures that suits the commercial activities.
  7. may be derived from the surname or title of the applicant, such father of X or Y if he / she has a son or daughter having the same name.
  8. may be the personal name of the foreign investment natural or legal partner.

Trade names shall not be registered in the following cases:

  1. The trade name may not be disposed of independently of the shop, but the disposal of the shop shall not include the trade name unless it is expressly or implicitly provided for.
  2. If a trade name is registered in the form of singular or plural it cannot be reversed, i.e. if Future flower exists, a name Future Flowers will not be registered.
  3. The name of a tribe is pluralized by adding (al) to it.
  4. Names of under age partners in companies except limited liability companies, or shareholders of shareholding companies.
  5. Prophet names such as Mohammed, Hamad,… etc unless they are names of investors.
  6. Names of international organizations such as the United Nations, World Trade Organization…etc
  7. Names prohibited or may be prohibited from registration by Royal or government orders or directives.

N.B. The Ministry may refuse the registration of any reserved trade name if it contradicts the adopted norms.