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Organization called WIPO provides international trademark database called ROMARIN. This can be searched on WIPO website

Fill the application form (by printing) which contains:

  • a. Form 1: registration form
  • b. Form 2: receipt of form submission
  • c. Form 3: copy of the trademark
  • d. 7 copies of the trademark in the size 6×6 shall be stuck at all of the forms and shall be self adhesive, clear and similar. 5 additional copies of trademark shall be attached to the application form.

Attached documents: 

    (For Omani companies and establishments)
  • a. Copy of the commercial register
  • b. Copy of the specimen signature
  • c. Signatures on all the form by one of the signatories
    (For foreign companies)
  • a. Agency agreement certified in sultanate of Oman
  • b. Copy of the commercial register or articles of association
  • c. A certified translation of the agency and commercial register

Fees of application submission: 50/- R.O
Fees of publication in the official gazette: 50/- R.O for ministry of commerce and industry and 50/-R.O for ministry of legal affairs. 
Fees of trademark registration: 50/- R.O
The owner shall publish the trademark in one daily newspaper