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See the list of all CRs places of activities. View their details, edit or remove them.
Service Description

This service shows list of all Places of Activities for the selected Commercial Registration. They will be available for investors, authorized signatories, and delegated persons.

The user can view the Places of Activities details, edit or remove them.


All Omani citizens and foreign persons with Oman ID/Resident Card can use the service. ID card should be PKI enabled.


Press Start the Service and follow the available instructions.

Required Documents & Forms

There is one mandatory document must be attached which is "Tenancy Agreement" or "Property Ownership".

In case activity is licensed user should attach concerned entity approval for it.

Required Approval

The application will be sent to verification for approvals only if licensed activities are added.


The user can start the application process and system will calculate the fees based on business locations and activities.

We advise the user to use the "License Simulator" Service to see the requirements and fees before starting the real application.

Access and Delivery Time

Places of activities will be added to CR automatically after all approvals are completed.

In case only free activities were added, information will be updated automatically after payment.